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Cork Floor Basics


Cork Flooring Basics
Whether building a new home or replacing an existing floor, you may be surprised to hear about cork flooring. While solid hardwoods have long been the trendy, luxurious floor of choice, cork floors are fast becoming the new hardwood floor.
Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork oak tree found in southern Europe, especially in Portugal. Cork floors are environmentally friendly because cork oak trees are able to survive having their bark stripped every nine to ten years. The cork is harvested by hand, the trees are not harmed, and cork flooring is a renewable choice.
Some of the qualities of cork flooring that make it unique are its resiliency, anti-static properties, and the softness of the walking surface.
Cork flooring provides a very beautiful surface because each tile has its own unique pattern. Cork flooring is created by forming cork into sheets and baking it, which gives a very interesting pattern. No two cork floor tiles are the same, and they can easily be arranged to provide the pattern you like best of all the possible arrangements.
The sound insulation properties of cork flooring are a welcome addition to many homes; even homes with no special sound needs like recording studios can benefit from cork flooring. Many people who never realized how noisy their old floors were are astounded by the quiet of cork flooring, which absorbs the sound of footsteps.
Another big advantage of cork flooring is the softness underfoot. Especially for people who have foot, leg or back problems, or who stand on their feet all day, the softness of cork can make walking at home a real pleasure and a relief from pain and discomfort.
Cork flooring, overall, is an excellent choice when looking for a luxurious, attractive and environmentally friendly flooring choice.