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Woven Tiger Strand
Bamboo, Mao Zhou (Moso)
Product ID:
Construction :
Finish :
Aluminum Oxide Urethane
Color :
Natural & Carbonized
Grade :
A grade
Thickness :
Width :
3 3/4"
Length :
Carton Quantity :
18.80 sf/crtn
Price :
$4.50 SF
Installation Type :
Glue Down or Nail Down or General Guidelines
Manufacturer :
Infinity Floors
Warranty :
Lifetime / 25 YRS Finish


To melt in nature is a pleasure that people long for, but it is impossible to be  close to nature during our work, studying and tense living.  If you choose bamboo flooring for your home, you can  take nature and green living back home to enjoy the fresh and comfortable feeling as you are a contributing to the protection of the eco system.

Bamboo is attractive as a building material because it is very hard, strong, dimensionally stable and environmentally friendly. 27% harder than Northern Red Oak, 13% harder than hard Maple, Bamboo unlike most hardwood trees requiring many years to grow to maturity, it can be harvested every 3 to 5 years and is renewably harvested over and over from the same plants.  


Bamboo flooring is typically constructed  of all bamboo, 3 5/8 inches wide by 5/8 or 3/8 inch thick, 3 or 6 feet in length, and there are two sorting methods by manufacturing process.

SORTED BY STRUCTURE: Bamboo flooring could be classified by horizontal and vertical kind according to the structure of bamboo strips. Horizontal process: Under high hydraulic pressure, the bamboo strips are glued together along horizontal orientation, then are laminated three layers along vertical orientation, then follow to be tongued and grooved. Horizontal products has obvious node and clear grain. Vertical kind: Bamboo strips are laminated directly along vertical ply, Vertical product has obvious stripe and close grain, which is more durable. But its cost is higher.


SORTED BY COLOR: Bamboo flooring could be classified by natural and carbonized color according to the color processing. Natural color: After soaked in boiling H2O2 solution and dried, the bamboo strips are processed directly to natural bamboo flooring. The natural kind of bamboo floor takes on showy color of dried bamboo which is white trending to light yellow. Carbonized color: After soaked in boiling H2O2 solution and dried, the strips are carbonized and vulcanized in carbonized kiln, then are processed to carbonized flooring. The carbonized color is usually brown, which the shade could be adjusted by changing carbonized time. The carbonized color makes your home warm and steady-going. The carbonized floor’s mechanical and physical properties are much more stable.

There are more than one thousand bamboo species in the world but the coloring, texture and tensile strength varies greatly.  China is the country with the most abundant bamboo resources, which it has more than 3000 years history of using bamboo. The bamboo is an indispensable part of eastern culture.  Phyllostachys Pubescens (maozhu) is the best species with the highest quality in bamboo family popularly to be used to produce flooring. Its quality, grain and durability are more excellent than some hardwoods for floors.



MOTHPROOF AND MILDEW PROOF PROCESS: Before putting into production line, the hollow round shoots of bamboo are sliced into strips, which are soaked in boiling solution of H2O2 at least two hours, to remove the starch, soluble carbohydrates sugars and extractives which can result in moth-eating and mildew. So the bamboo floor is treated to get rid of insect and mildew damage with better mechanical and physical properties.

SPECIAL FINISHING PROCESS: The surface of all flooring must be pre-finished with 5 coats of 100% UV cured Acrylic Urethane. The 5 coats are coated one after another by UV primer, UV Aluminum Oxide lacquer(AL2O3,), UV putty sealer, UV sealer, anti-scratch top coat. Furthermore other five surface are painted one layer of airtight paint to be free from affected with damp.

Bamboo floor is stronger and more flexible than almost any wood flooring presently available.

Compared by Oak and maple, it is harder and the water-absorption and thickness-swelling are much lower.

More dimensionally stable (less expansion and contraction) than any commonly used wood flooring.

The surface with five coats of finish is wear-resistant, anti-scratch, compression-resistant, damp-proof and anti-corrosive. It will make you easily to assemble and be free from maintenance.

Its colors and clear grains is beyond any wooden material. .

The products are pre-finished and can be easily installed and also can be installed according to the designing during construction.

By repeat tested to the quality and durability, the bamboo floor of CWF have the following properties.


Density                                                      0.77 g/cm3

Hardness                                                  4.5 ×107 pa

Glueyness                                                  3.41 n/mm3

Thickness-swelling                                           0.3%

Formaldehyde(DIN 55666)                           0.03 ppm v/v




Abrasion (EN 438-2.6), Wear resistance

Finial Point                                              18000~22000 cycles

Flammability (DIN 4102 Pt 1)                               Group B 1

Scratch Resistance (EN 438-2.14)                          2.2 N

Cigarette Burn  (EN 438-2.18)                                 1~2

Pencil Hardness (ASTM 3363)                             4H~5H

Coin Scratch                                                       Excellent