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If you have questions and would like a professional answer, please email us and we will promptly respond. We are serious about floors and want you to to be completely satisfied with your selection. Most flooring projects are a substantial investment that you will have to live with for many years. For this reason we want you to choose the right products for your project that you will enjoy for years to come.


Serving the Industry and Consumers Nationwide

Our products and services are purchased by Builders, Architects, Designers, Retail Stores, and Consumers nationwide. No matter what your location...if it be the Big City or the Country farmhouse....if you receive mail at your address via the US Postal service we can ship you products. One of our more Prestigious projects includes the supply of Maple flooring for The Majestic Theater Condominium project in Jersey City NJ. View a New York Times article about the project. New York Times article


Catering to the Builder

Our company offers a virtually unlimited list of products because of our vast corporate networking. Within our alliance are companies of all sizes. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success. Contractors are welcomed to visit our warehouse and showroom. Sampling is available for your customers. We no longer provide installations but our company is associated with some of the finest installation companies in the USA.

About Us


We opened our first wholesale outlet in 1998. Times were difficult the first few years as the economy was poor, interest rates were high, and location was not ideal. Shortly after we opened a High profile contractor showroom to display our Specialty Products. Our desire to be innovative led us to the Importing of Cork and Wood flooring products from leading overseas manufacturers. So with a great deal of help from some financing we started importing cork products and establishing relationships with wood flooring manufacturers. We were soon to realize that we could increase sales by selling direct to consumers in the Chicago and Minneapolis markets. At this point we closed our High Profile, High overhead, High cost showroom and Expanded on our originally established facilities located in a light industrial area. The location is far from ideal for retail. Located near La Crosse, WI our total population in the area is only about 60,000 people. However, The location is ideal for distribution located close to 2 major cities in the USA. We started distribution of our products to Chicago, IL and Minneapolis, MN both of which are only a short drive. After realizing the demand for our products in these areas we expanded our marketing efforts in the Big Cities. We have exhibited our products at various trade shows including the Chicago Design Show, Yoga Expo in Los Angeles, and various home shows. The demand for the products was clearly evident and we needed to find a more effective way of marketing to a broader base of customers. Thus, our Internet web presence was developed. The internet has allowed us to position ourselves solidly among all other competitors and expand our marketing efforts to the entire USA, Canada, and Mexico.

The Advantage- Why our prices are low and Service is exceptional.

  1. We inventory products and control our own inventory in our warehouses. (this provides for expedited order processes)
  2. We have experience with the installation of our products.
  3. We buy in huge volumes allowing us to pass the savings to our customers.

The market is continuously changing... We believe that our ability to provide the quality products that consumers want at good prices and the quality they expect from much higher priced items will drive our success. Our personal experience with all of the products we provide will propel us past our competitors. With this in mind, the future is looking good and we look forward to adding new products in the future as the market demands change.

Your Resource for incredible deals on hardwood flooring

By focusing on a combination of Unique, high quality, and high demand flooring products we have established our company as a low price leader in the floor covering industry without sacrificing Quality. We are one of the largest Cork flooring Importers in the United States. We warehouse over 350,000 sf. of quality flooring materials in our warehouse facilities. We provide our customers access to over 2 million sf. of in stock flooring.